That’s outrageous! No, really. Talking with young people about Bible stories

This Sunday church festival of Pentecost.  The arrival of the Holy Spirit, as tongues of fire.  The birth of the church.  Speaking in different languages. Pouring out the Spirit.

Some outrageous stuff, no?

The Holy Spirit kind of is outrageous.  Adults have difficulty articulating how the Holy Spirit works in and around us.  Preachers struggle with including the Holy Spirit alongside the other two parts of the Trinity, God and Jesus.  It’s all quite crazy when we stop and think about it.  And therein lies our problem.

As adults we tend toward wanting to explain Bible stories and we feel ‘less than’ when we can’t explain.  Since very few of us want to feel ‘less than’ we shy away from discussing Bible stories with young people.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, me too.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t think young people struggle with outrageous Bible stories as much as adults do. They like hearing the stories and don’t worry near as much about the outrageous.  Oh, they’ll ask questions for certain (thank God for that) and there will be times we don’t know the answer.  News flash, it happens to pastors who are Dads and Grandpas, too!  AND THAT IS OKAY.  Not a thing wrong with that.  No one has all the answers and in truth, very few of us have many answers at all.

Having the answers isn’t the point.  Having the discussion is the point.  And there are few places better to have a discussion than the Bible stories because they really do connect with real life.  Well, with the exception of 1 and 2 Chronicles maybe but that’s another discussion for another time. 🙂  Faith doesn’t come from a pool of information but instead comes from the transformation of living in faith.

Prayers for all of you as you form the faith reading and talking about the Bible stories!  And if you get a question you want some help with, let me know.  We can figure it out together!