Not in My America

I generally stay out of the political arena because in today’s culture it is a minefield and I’m not inclined to blow myself up. Or the people around me.  And for the record, I am registered ‘non-partisan’ and as a ‘non-partisan’ I am not particularly interested in bipartisan politics.
That said, the Trump campaign has gone entirely too far and too often.
I certainly agree that he speaks his mind. The problem with that is as adults we’re not supposed to speak everything that comes to our mind. Part of being an adult is stopping and thinking, “Is it helpful, necessary and useful to say this? Am I tearing anyone down if I say this? What can I say to lift someone up?”
I’d like to say that Mr Trump does not stop and think about what he says. The scary part is that I suspect that he does and says it anyway.
I’m aware he backed off the KKK commentary but if he is as smart as he thinks and says he is then there is no way he doesn’t know the David Duke/KKK connection. With that in mind there is no way to explain away the hesitation at denouncing the KKK.
Not in my America anyways.

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