Good Luck Taking Christ Out of My Christmas

‘Tis the season, is it not?  The season of overeating, for which I have a great head start from Thanksgiving.  The season of shopping, for which I have not started.  And the season of lamenting the removal of Christ from Christmas, for which I can only say, “Good Luck Taking Christ Out of My Christmas.”

One of the first places we see and hear about taking Christ out of Christmas is the lament of shortening Christmas to Xmas.  Can we put a stop to this lament, please?  Pretty please?  The argument is flawed, outdated and a waste of time but continues to show up with a fair amount of regularity.  The Greek letter ‘X’ or chi, is the first letter in the Greek word for Christ, Χριστοs, So there is no nefarious attempt here to remove Christ from Christmas.  It is just a shortened and informal way of saying the same thing.  Now, for the record, I think Xmas sounds silly e.g. ‘Merry Xmas’ but just because I think it sounds silly doesn’t make it wrong.  Nor does it make it a nefarious plot to remove Christ from Christmas.

Good luck taking Christ out of my Christmas.

The second thing that is common this time of year is the insistence that saying Happy Holidays is some plot by the politically correct crowd to take Christ out of Christmas.  That’s only a meaningful concern for people who follow Christ and for those who don’t, the point is moot.  Someone can wish me Merry Buddha-mas (I might have made this up) if they want to but that doesn’t make it meaningful to me.  I mean, Buddha was cool and all but not in the way Christ is cool.  To me.  And thus, wishing me anything in Buddha’s name does not offend me but it does give me an opportunity to appreciate the good thoughts.

Wouldn’t we actually better reflect Christ if we appreciated someone extending us good wishes in their own way rather than being pissed off they didn’t extend us good wishes in our own way?  I think the world needs a few more good wishes extended and a little less fuss on how they are extended.  Instead of annoyance I think we should be grateful as in, “Hey look, someone said something nice to me!” rather than stomping our feet over “Happy Holidays” because saying that is some nefarious plot to take Christ out of my Christmas.

Good luck taking Christ out of my Christmas.

And when it gets right down to it, Christ doesn’t need us to defend him but instead Christ needs us to be Christ-like.  I’m not a fan of the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) stuff so much because it is too commercialized and too rarely acted upon.  Even so, there is a time to consider Jesus’ reaction and compare our reaction to his.  And when it comes down to it, if someone said to Jesus, “Happy Holidays!” do you really think he’d be up in arms about it?  Or would he be up in arms about people who insist on something being done a certain way?  You know as well as I do that the latter is what he often spoke against.

Good luck taking Christ out of my Christmas.


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