I’m Not Voting for You. Period.

Dear Political Candidates of Every Stripe and Persuasion,

If you have brought the negative into your campaign, I’m not voting for you.  Period.

I don’t care how righteous your indignation is.  I don’t care how righteous your cause.  If you resorted to negative campaigning you have shown your colors.  You have shown your character.  And I’m not voting for you.  Period.

Oh, I know it is effective.  I get that negative campaigning generally works.  And I understand why.  People don’t take the time to look at what the candidates actually stand for and what their prospects for effective leadership are.  That takes a lot of work and as a society, we don’t do it.  So using some negative information against your opponent feeds into our preconceived notions.  Even so, if you use negative campaigning tactics, no matter the effectiveness, I’m not voting for you.  Period.

Here’s the thing.  If the best that you have is to go negative on your opponent, then what exactly do you have?  I don’t want to see the worst of your opponent, I want to see what you’ve got.  I want to see if you have character.  I want to see if you have honest.  I want to see if you have integrity.  I don’t want to see what your opponent doesn’t have, I want to see what YOU have.  And if the best you have is running your opponent down, I’m not voting for you.  Period.

And don’t tell me it is some political group outside of your control paying for the negative ads.  If your leadership is so weak that you can’t put a stop to it, you have become (or will become) part of the problem in Washington, D.C.  And I’m not voting for you.  Period.

Make no mistake, negative-campaign-candidate, I’ll be voting.  Just not for you.

Given the mess that our political system finds itself in with ridiculously partisan rhetoric as the norm, I’ve decided that I’m more interested in character than issues.  The issues haven’t done much for the political process as of late and certainly voting on issue lines hasn’t done much for the issues.  I think what we need are leaders with character, honesty and integrity.  If we can start filling Congress with men and women that have character, honesty and integrity I think the issues will take care of themselves.

Go look at the candidates.  For national and local contests, take a look at:

If you’re in my patch one of the local TV stations have some good info as well.

Take the time.  Get informed.  And for the love of all that is holy, get out and vote.  The mess in Washington doesn’t change if we don’t create the change.  As has been flying around on Facebook, “Choosing not to vote isn’t rebellion, it is surrender.”

And let the candidates know that if negative campaigning is the best they can bring to Washington, you’re not voting for them.  Period.


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