Looking In the Mirror

And then Nathan enters the picture.  Nathan is the guy with the mirror.  With his little story Nathan holds up a mirror to King David.  A mirror in which David sees himself for who he really is, deep down inside.

When it comes right down to it, we each need a Nathan in our lives.  We need a Nathan that is honest enough to tell us stories and hold a mirror up.  A mirror that doesn’t let us get away with our denials and our rationalizations about what we’ve done.

But the mirror isn’t the end of the story.

If I had infinite funding I’d have had a great big mirror installed here in the worship center in front of the cross, so big you couldn’t see the cross.  A mirror that we could each see ourselves for who we really are, deep down inside.  A mirror that gets in the way of us seeing the cross.

And then, in a feat of amazing engineering and using infinite funding, somehow that cross would then come forward and shatter the mirror.  The mirror is honest enough to show us the truth of our brokenness and the reality of our sin.  That is the power of the mirror and the power of sin.  And then the cross destroys the power of the mirror and the hold that sin has over us.  The cross would destroy the power of our sin to blind us from the from the forgiveness of the cross.

A little dramatic, this mirror and cross demonstration?  Maybe so.  But it does give us a mental image of the power of our sin, shown in the mirror, and the power of the cross, the cross of Jesus Christ overcoming that sin.  The power of the cross that Jesus died on to save us from our sins.

When you look in the mirror and see yourself and your sin, remember the power of the cross.  The power of the cross to shatter that mirror and free you from your sin.  The power of the cross to let you see yourself as Christ sees you.  The power of the cross to transform you into the mirror that Brings Christ’s Love to Life.


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