Not Because I Told You So But Because I Love You So

This week’ week we’re reading from Exodus 19.  It is kind of the Preamble to the Ten Commandments.  It sets the stage for who is really in charge here.

Who is in charge here?  Hint: Not us?

We think we’re in charge and we do things our own way.  That can, and does, work for a while sometimes but if we live our lives deluding ourselves that we’re in charge sooner or later things won’t work out so well.  Not as a punishment but the inevitable result of faith in ourselves rather than faith in God.

Kind of like when young people begin to believe they’re in charge.  Of course, at the youngest ages, they actually ARE in charge.  Non-stop feedings and diaper changes and whatnot.  This changes over time for a short while until they start thinking they’re in charge.  Ever hear, “You’re not the boss of me!”  That’s about the time.  Even so, they really aren’t in charge even if they think they want to be head honcho.

Our response?  The usual set of rules.  They may not LIKE these rules but we don’t’ walk away from them and let them make they’re own decisions, do we?  Of course not.  We have their safety, care and best interests at heart and give them rules.

So it is with God and the Ten Commandments.  They’re not a ‘Because I Said So’ kind of thing and in many ways are the exact opposite.  They’re a “Because I Love You So’ kind of thing.  God has our safety, care and best interests at heart.

Now is a good time to talk about rules.  We don’t have to justify our rules but it is helpful to set the stage for why we have rules.  Safety.  Care.  Best Interests.  Because I love you so.  That sort of thing.

This will come around again as teenagers if I remember correctly.  And then some.  Interestingly, some studies show that teenagers are more comfortable with having rules than not having them.  Deep down they know they don’t have the life experience or wisdom to make good decisions and they are reassured when they know we have their back, even while they are yelling at us for being the stupidest people on the planet.

Rules.  Not because I told you so, but because I love you so.


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