Let’s Re tard’ the Use of Re’tard

Better yet, let’s eliminate the pejorative use altogether.

Re’tard is an ugly word when we use it to describe someone.  Granted, it does have a legitimate and appropriate use in specific contexts (fire retard’ant, retard’ing the throttles in aerospace uses etc) but let’s not BS ourselves.  I’m not talking about those uses.  I’m talking about the common slur of referring to people as re’tards or re’tarded.

There is a fundamental assumption that someone who doesn’t meet a common standard is deficient, or retarded with respect to that standard.  This is a mistaken assumption.  Every one of us is good at some things and not so good at other things.  Categorizing people with an ugly word because they don’t meet a relatively arbitrary standard is wrong.  I think we should stop.

What is it we are trying to categorize or label, anyway? Are we afraid because someone is different than us?  Instead of distancing ourselves from our fear perhaps we should lean into it.  We’re all differently abled so let’s have some fun with our differences, shall we?

And for the love of all that is holy, let’s skip the re’tard variants.  I saw a #libtard hash-tag the other day and frankly, it pisses me off.  Be liberal or be conservative.  Whatever.  But let’s not use this label as a way of insulting someone.  We all know what is meant by these variants and there is no excuse for using them.

If you’re not trying to put a fire out or slow your airplane down let’s leave this word in the box, shall we?


One thought on “Let’s Re tard’ the Use of Re’tard

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