Inked: Choosing God’s Mark to Transform Your Life by Kim Goad and Janet E. Kusiak

This looks like an interesting read. Being Inked is something intensely personal. We all have a story and for some of us our ink tells part of our story. Ask me sometime why Isaiah 40:31 is inked on the back of my leg and I’ll give you part of mine.

Wonderings of aSacredRebel

20130904-200016.jpgAll of us are marked in some fashion. Goad and Kusiak use stories to help us understand ow we should be marked.

You see we have a choice. If we are tattooed we have a choice of what we have inked on our bodies, and who will be the one to tattoo us. We also have a choice in life if we will live out the God giving life.

Goad and Kusiak use a wonderful imagery of being tattooed and how this is being handled in society and how this is paralleled by our life in Christ. A wonderful read for all!

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