Inked: Choosing God’s Mark to Transform Your Life by Kim Goad and Janet E. Kusiak

This looks like an interesting read. Being Inked is something intensely personal. We all have a story and for some of us our ink tells part of our story. Ask me sometime why Isaiah 40:31 is inked on the back of my leg and I’ll give you part of mine.

Wonderings of aSacredRebel

20130904-200016.jpgAll of us are marked in some fashion. Goad and Kusiak use stories to help us understand ow we should be marked.

You see we have a choice. If we are tattooed we have a choice of what we have inked on our bodies, and who will be the one to tattoo us. We also have a choice in life if we will live out the God giving life.

Goad and Kusiak use a wonderful imagery of being tattooed and how this is being handled in society and how this is paralleled by our life in Christ. A wonderful read for all!

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This is NOT Stewardship

non-tithersboardFollowing up on last week’s post, this is what we should NOT be doing. Being legalistic to induce shame and guilt as a way of getting more money in the plate is not what grace is all about. Christ did not die on the cross so we could later feel guilty about not tithing.

I don’t know that this is common but I know people who know people who have seen it.  Sot to speak.  What is a better approach, do you think?