Social Media Gospel

If you have any responsibility for social media in your organization then please read Meredith Gould’s ‘The Social Media Gospel‘.  If you haven’t read it yet stop reading this right now.  Click on the link and go get it at Amazon.  Softback or Kindle version, you’re choice.  Seriously, go get it.

As someone who is just on the leading edge of grasping social media as something beyond an information service, there are some things that really struck home with me as I read The Social Media Gospel.

You know how some of your friends, tweeps and Instagram compadres send you a daily barrage of ‘this is amazing’ or ‘you gotta see this’ posts?  Those would  be called ‘curated’ content and they are an important component of our online presence.  And they can be dang interesting but many of us prefer some kind of relationship and so want to see some creative content as well.  It is a both/and kind of thing.  I appreciate seeing the things you find interesting.  I also appreciate hearing about you.

For the record, I’m relatively new to Instagram so don’t know what the code name is for friends/followers.  For those of you tempted to send me the LMGTFY link, please know that at the moment I’m too lazy and apathetic to Google it.

Another point made that struck me is that social media really is for everyone.  That doesn’t mean that everyone needs to spend 22 hours a day interacting with their ‘friends’ or ‘tweeps’  (or ‘instagrammers’) but it does mean that there are connections to be made via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  My mom was on Facebook for a while but found it a little overwhelming.  Remember your first week on Facebook when all the ‘people you may know’ and ‘help Joe find some friends’ links showed up?  Anyways, she gave it up but came back to it a while later when she realized that our family keeps connected with the day to day details via Facebook.  Big stuff is usually face to face in our family but the little stuff ends up on social media.  Not to mention a bunch of really cute picture of my grandkids!

Social media may well be a fad but a fad well worth investing some time and expertise into.  Not because you or your organization will be left behind (you will but that’s a topic for another post) but because there are some really cool people out there and you haven’t met them yet.  With social media, you just might make a new acquaintance or two.  And likely a friend, too.


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