Out here on the edge (of town)

DSCN0705I live outside of Lincoln, NE.  Not so far that I can’t say we’re on the edge (of town) but far enough that we don’t actually live in town.  If it weren’t for the hill, the glare from the sunrise and a ginormous hackberry tree you could see the north part of Lincoln in this picture.

I grew up on a farm but haven’t lived in the country for over 3 decades.  While I don’t actually farm other than some tomatoes, basil, asparagus and cucumbers, it is good to be back in the country.  It is quiet out here, for the most part.  It is peaceful most of the time.  The only real ongoing challenge is gophers.  Properly they’re called thirteen lined ground squirrels but you kind of sound like a dork if you say that very often so I call them gophers.  The only real problem with gophers is they attract badgers.  Badgers are mean but will stay away unless cornered.  What they WILL do is dig huge holes in the yard and frankly, that pisses me off.  Takes a lot of effort to fill them back in and if you miss one and hit it with the mower, it is neither a treat for me nor the mower.  Ah well, it is their dirt too.

Even though I paid for it.

Anyways, that’s where I live.  Kind of on the edge.  Of town, at least.  Probably some other things, as well.  We’ll see.


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